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  • ArkaineDestiny Maria's been ding the rounds again.
  • Doing
  • I was on Comm. Central.
  • 3:43 GodzillaFan1 What's she doing?
  • 3:43 ArkaineDestiny Don't tell anyone yet, and especially don't tell anyone I told you, because Maria will have my head for it.
  • 3:44 GodzillaFan1 I won't tell anyone.
  • 3:44 ArkaineDestiny She was speaking with the guys on the VSTF team, and they're going to do a massive sweep of the wikia community.
  • And, apparently, she's going for VSTF.
  • 3:44 GodzillaFan1 Deleting wikis?
  • 3:44 ArkaineDestiny Deleting wikis.
  • She's got a few targets specified.
  • TPW is one.
  • 343 is targeting this one, apparently.
  • 3:45 GodzillaFan1 Bullshit.
  • 3:46 ArkaineDestiny Dude, all I can do is tell you.
  • I didn't take screencaps.
  • I couldn't.
  • 3:46 GodzillaFan1 Are you pranking me m8? Because this isn't funny.
  • 3:46 ArkaineDestiny No, I'm not.
  • They had a mini-discussion about it on Comm. Central.
  • Don't tell anyone, because seriously, I will be fucked. Big time.
  • 3:47 GodzillaFan1 Who told you 343 was targeting this wiki? Because he isn't VSTF.
  • And I won't tell.
  • 3:47 ArkaineDestiny 343 used to be, apparently, from what CoD4 said.
  • 3:47 GodzillaFan1 >used to be
  • lol
  • 3:47 ArkaineDestiny Ja.
  • 3:48 GodzillaFan1 Who specifically said 343 is targeting this wiki?
  • 3:48 ArkaineDestiny Maria said.
  • 3:49 GodzillaFan1 There's literally no reason to shut this wiki down.
  • 3:49 ArkaineDestiny I know, but I thought I'd warn you first.
  • 3:50 GodzillaFan1 There is no ToU violating content. So why close a wiki that isn't doing anything wrong?
  • Also, I'm pretty sure 343 doesn't give a shit about this place anymore.
  • 3:50 ArkaineDestiny Well, I suspect you're wrong.
  • 3:50 GodzillaFan1 He hasn't been on here in almost 2 years.
  • 3:51 ArkaineDestiny Wait, one minute, I do have ONE screenshot. One sec.
  • 3:51 GodzillaFan1 Okay.
  • 3:52 ArkaineDestiny [1]
  • See how the situation is now?
  • I mean, seriously, just look at that.
  • GodzillaFan1 has banned ArkaineDestiny from chat. Follow the rules next time, ArkaineDestiny. (undo)
  • 3:53 GodzillaFan1 :^)
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