What is the definition of "chaos"? The dictionary says, "Complete confusion and disorder."

I call it "pain-relief" or "fun".

I love to create chaos, it is fun. It heals the pain I can feel in my blood called "happiness". The pain is horrific, so chaos will cure it. I ignore the rants, and make them my puppets. I slaughter them by disbelief and denial. I ignore their apologies, so I murder them with my disorders. I am a nightmare to others, but I'm beautiful and honest to myself. I cannot be stopped because I am immortal. I cannot be dormant or dead. I can't be stop.

Who am I, you asked?

I am a hodge-podge of many animals, I look different. I may look weird, but I am sly...oh my! I am sometimes named as a chimera, or a draconequus. But, that name is not true. I am not named after Greek mythology. I have a name, you know...

I am Discord.

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