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Doc and Mharti Travel Across the World (Series)
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Doc and Mharti in London

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Doc Smith

Mharti Mcdonalds

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March 17th 2014 - April 20th 2014

Doc and Mharti Travel Across the World is a series created by SonicFanForever. The series is based on a YouTube video called "Doc and Mharti".

Development and History

SonicFanForever started the series because he was getting sick of not seeing no more Doc and Mharti after the maker of the video went on to make Rick and Morty for Adult Swim. So SonicFanForever made the pilot for the story series called Doc and Mharti. But then he asked GodzillaFan1 what should he name the next Doc and Mharti story, and GodzillaFan1 said "Doc and Mharti Travel Across the World".

So SonicFanForever went on to make what we have today.

But the series won't last that long SonicFanForever thinks of making 2 seasons but might think about making 3 seasons, there will also be 10 episodes on season 1.

Sadly, the series Is now cancelled, due to the Wiki being on probation, and the whole thing causing this mess.


Doc the genius and Mharti the kid who needs help go on adventures ALL AROUND THE WORLD!.

So join Doc Smith and Mharti Mcdonalds as they go on ball sucking adventures across the world.

Season 1 Episodes

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