These are the chat rules. Obey them, or GTFO.


  • Spamming is allowed.
  • ALL CAPS is allowed.
  • Swearing is allowed.
  • Slurs are allowed.
  • Zalgo is allowed.
  • Binary is allowed.
  • ASCII is allowed.
  • Flame wars are allowed.
  • NSFW talk is allowed.
  • Anyone who visits chat is likely to become a chat mod.
  • Abusing the kick and ban buttons is allowed, but you can only do it 5 times a day.

The Rules

  1. Linking ANY NSFW image is a 1 month ban.
  2. Linking virus and malware is a perma ban.
  3. Insulting users is not allowed, UNLESS they are being a douchebag.
  4. DO NOT link other chats, because other chats aren't as fun as this wiki's chat. FACT.
  5. Stop if an admin/chatmod tells you to stop.
  6. Please no linking seziure indusing images. ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US?
  7. Please DO NOT post any screamers in chat, you will give us a heart attack
  8. No vore talk, or sharing vore images. EVER.
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