I'm Tired

I'm Tired

Dad says, "Phew! I'm tired."

And Mum says, "You're tired? I'm tired!"

Dad says, "I've never ever been as tired as this."

And Mum says, "You don't know what 'tired' is. I'll tell you what 'tired' is. It's me. That's what tired is."

And Dad says, "I'm tired all over; It's my legs, it's my head."

And my Mum says, "My tired isn't just inside, everywhere is tired."

Dad says, "I haven't even begun to tell you how tired I am."

And Mum says, "I know how tired you are! You told me! You know something? You telling me 'You're tired.' makes me tired!"

And Dad says, "And that's it. No one understands how tired I am! No one listens! In the end, I get tired saying 'I'm tired.'"

And Mum says, "What you don't know is that before I was this tired, I didn't know a person could be this tired. If I had known then how tired I was going to be, I wouldn't had let myself get this tired."

And I say, "Anyone 'round here tired?"

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