Once upon a time in the Have Fun Wikia, there was two users name Trigger Hurt and GodzillaFan1. Trigger wanna go to Japan so he can get a video game before it comes out in America. Godzilla said, "Nah, I'm gonna play some Xbox." So, it was up to Trigger to get his game.

So, he called his waifu, Fluttershy and they flew to Japan. After a long 12 hours, they made it. So they went to Nintendo and he screams "I WANT MY VIDEO GAME!!!!" Nobody could understand him, so Trigger calmly said "私はビデオゲームをしたい。私はアメリカから来たんだ。" All of the Nintendo Folk understanded and the man himself, Shigeru Miyamoto, replied "" Trigger didn't knew who the fuck Reggie was, so he finded him away.

As he searched anyways, Trigger realized that Reggie wasn't in the building. Shigeru repied, "He'" Trigger was shocked. After all this fucking time, Reggie isn't here. So, he called his waifu and they flew to Reggie's Home. As he knocked the door, Reggie came out saying "My body is Ready, what do you need?" Trigger replied, "I WANT MY VIDEO GAME!!!" and Reggie replied with a smile, "Come, we have The Video Game."

And so they played while Reggie's body was play.

You know what the video game is?

Mother 3 for the Wii U.



The popular reggie picture
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