My computer. It talks to me. Its like a whole new level of HAL 9000, and doesn't speak vocally. It communicates via text prompts, asking me questions about my day, history, and colleagues. This has been happening since, maybe, July of 2013. But lately, its been acting strange. I've been getting error messages that aren't even available on the manufacturers website.

Then there's today. My computer asked me to kill someone. A person I've never known. It even provided directions, habits, appearances, familiars, and, most of all, supplies to use in the "assassination." I was reluctant to participate, even after the machine confirmed several times that I'd be fine, suffering only psychological injuries. It kept reminding me to kill the poor soul, until, today. I was confronted by the machine after I got home from work, from which I logged on and got sent another message. It said, "Time is ticking. 1/14/15." I suppose it means me to kill soon. I choose to refuse the order, which was a horrible mistake. The day after the event was to take place, I logged on, and shortly after the PC crashed. I got a message that said, SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. Which I understood immediately. It knew I didn't conclude the story. I shut off the PC, and went to bed.

I was awoken in the middle of the night as the machine was running diagnostics of some sort. Then, it began to edit my police records as I got up to investigate it in its act. It actually got another person to kill that man! It made sure that it looked like I was the one who killed him, putting my name on the evidence. Somehow it made a clone of me, which I found out by watching the tape that was displayed on the monitor, a horrific sight. Then, as the video ended, I heard a door open downstairs. I quietly got up to find a weapon, reminding myself of the doppelganger it created of me. I grabbed an aluminum bat from my closet, and continued towards the door. But I didn't open the door. That thing did. It came into my room with a SIG Sauer P226 equipped with a silencer.

Before I could swing, or even raise my arm, the thing pumped a full magazine from the pistol into my chest and abdomen, ending with a single bullet to my head. I never left the world, and I know that my computer and my other side, are still out there. Killing targets, one-by-one. They're too elaborate to stop, one guy almost got away, but he shared the fate of many like me. Total kills as of this post: 456. Watch your back out there. You never know if its truly a mirror you're looking into.

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