Whenever my Mum gets me some horrible shirt that I don't want to wear, she says, "It's good. Have it, it's nice. They're wearing them like that now."

So, I wear it to school. And whenever I come home to school, she says, "So, did they like the shirt?"

Sometimes I go of her favorite food, and my Mum says, "What's the matter with him? He used to love apricot jam. Why don't you want the apricot jam? I got it, specially for you. You said you liked it. So I bought it! You always like apricot jam. I can remember a time when the only thing you would have on your bread was apricot jam. And you're telling me you don't like it? It's good! Have it! It's nice."

So, I have the apricot jam. And when I eaten it, she says, "So, did you like the apricot jam?"

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