What inspired him

One day tails was getting sick of seeing sonic being lazy "I'M GETTING SICK OF THAT FUCKING HEDGEHOG BEING A FUCKING LAZY ASSHOLE!" Then tails told sonic to go get a job sonic said "Naw I Will Just Stay Here And... Huh ZZZZ...". Tails then told sonic to get the fuck up and sonic then went looking for a job, he worked at Burger King he fucking fails worked at Taco Bell failed then sonic founded the perfect place for him to be working at... Sonic (The drive-in food joint.) he got the job and was doing good, till that fat fucker named eggman went to the joint and asked for onion... RINGS Sonic looked sad seeing he picked up rings and dropped them everywhere all the fucking time. Sonic very nervous picked up the onion rings and was taking them to eggman, till a worker (Who is a motobug) was going to bump into him a worker said "LOOK OUT SONIC!" But it was too late sonic dropped all the fucking onion rings and died. What's the aftermath? a few days after sonic passed away tails died from a very fucking deep depression what happend to eggman? he died from a car wreck after cops were chasing him, so remember don't work at sonic unless your not from the sonic games.

Wirtten by SonicFanForever.

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