The No Return, is a series of creepypastas made by GodzillaFan1.

The No Return (Series)
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HistoryEdit Bit

The first entry in the series was published on April 25th 2013, which was The Road of No Return. GodzillaFan1 didn't mean for it to become a series, and had no plans to make it a series. On August 10th 2013 GodzillaFan1 wanted to reboot The Road of No Return due to him not being proud of it. However, this idea was canceled, and he then instead made The House of No Return, which was published on the same day. At this point, he decide to make it a series, and made another entry called The Woods of No Return, which was published on August 11th 2013.

On August 10th, GodzillaFan1 had plans to make another entry called The Train of No Return, However, it was renamed The Carnival of No Return, and is scheduled to be released soon. He also had plans to rename The Woods of No Return to The Forest of No Return, however this idea was canceled.

List of The No Return Articles PublishedEdit Bit

AntagonistsEdit Bit

  • The Rake - The Road of No Return
  • The Bird Man - The House of No Return
  • The Figure - The Woods of No Return
  • Clown Face - ???
  • Nightmare Skeleton - ???
  • Killer Sasqautch - ???
  • The Doctor - ???
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