One fine hippidy-hoppidy day Mama luigi was in his house with mario "meatball" ,mario, and Mama luigi said "Im Leaving The House Today to run for presidency! "But Luigi, Princess Peach is the president!" "Not for long, heheeh", So one tragic death Later, Mama Luigi Ran For president, then He Beat Obama bin ladin in 2017, He Became president, With mario as his vice president, and yoshi as his attourney, they sent bowser to the electric chair, bowser Jr to Juvey, lakati to prison with atempted murder on both luigi and mario, and Sonic to the electric chair aswell, mama luigi then was Shot and killed in 2019 by None other than Chris rock himself, when the mushroom kingdom was in havoc, luigi and lord farquaad's ghost came to team up and take over the mushroom kingdom once again, the ghostbusters and E-gad both caught luigi, one apology to the boo's and king boo later, they all got out of the poltergeist as a team, then lakati's ghost came and revived mama luigi from the dead, and farquaad, then farquaad shrek and mama luigi all teamed up and solved this problem, the ancestrial fruitcake fought with a hunk of meat, this caused world war 3, zombie hitler and the mushroom kingdom were at war, eventaully, mama luigi and farquaad killed all of the nazi zombies, bowser's ghost and zombie hitler where left, mama luigi threw eggs and killed hitler while farquaad threw felonias, felonias shook the earth thus destroying the mushroom kingdom and slaughtering everyone exept bowsers ghost mama luigi farquaad and shrek, E-Gad Caught bowsers ghost and gave mama luigi a delorian, lucky enough, mama luigi met with doc brown and marty, rick and morty, and doc and mharti, they all helped mama luigi go back in time, to the first paragraph, then with aflash of light they were there, Mama luigi was in his house with mario "meatball" ,mario, and Mama luigi said "Im Leaving The House Today to run for presidency!, then future mama luigi got past mama luigi and sent him back in time to seek vengence on old mario, past mario stopped past luigi and they both went back in time with doc and morty, future luigi got slightly past vice president mario meatball mario, then they knew to never leave the ancestrial fruitcake in the oven to start world war 3,

Vote Mama Luigi for wheeze by Zeta Neubourn

Presidential Posters

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